Hot Tub Repair

We work on all brands and models of hot tubs. After a phone consultation, we charge $95 to come out and assess what the issue is. That amount will be applied to the cost of the repair.

Hot Tub Maintenance

We believe that hot tub service service should reflect your needs as a customer. We charge $45/service, contract free, whether you are on an all-natural mineral purifier or a traditional system and $80-120 for a deep clean drain and fill. 

We also have all inclusive plans for owners and property managers that range from $100- $140 a month. Please call 970-262-0100 to create a plan that works for you, especially if you have a busy rental. For most of our service plans, we are contract FREE. We believe in excellent customer service and stand beside our work. Trust is essential to working together successfully.

Hot Tub Sales

We are proud to carry the Nordic line.

Very few hot tubs are actually made in the USA. Many companies have their facilities in Mexico, Canada or even China. We are proud to offer quality, “Made In America” hot tubs that we can stand behind. Nordic has a lifetime warranty on their hot tub shells which is extremely important in these harsh high alpine environments. Simply put, they are built to work and last.


Essentially, when you are shopping for hot tubs, think Nordic because:

  1. Nordics are made 100% in the USA. Other brands’ may use wording like “crafted in America” when in actuality their products are made in Canada or Mexico.
  2. Nordic uses post-recycled materials and limit waste in their warehouses.
  3. Nordic hot tubs are self-supporting, unlike acrylic shells that can be much more fragile.
  4. There is a LIFE TIME warranty on the shell, unlike most acrylic brands that do NOT have a life time warranty and can crack and break within a few years due to the harsh winter environment in Summit/Eagle Counties.
  5. A few of the brands have a knock-off version of the Nordic shell that is not made the same way and does not have the quality of the Nordic tubs. In addition, their color selection is typically limited to ONE standard color. Why? The cost of entry to creating a tub like this is $100K per model. Acrylic models are much less expensive to build at $10K which is why there is much more competition in this category.
  6.  The shell is made of kayak material- which, is kind of cool. That means it durable and will stand up to heavy usage and intense temperature changes.
  7. Nordic is known for their hydrotherapy. Soo- what is hydrotherapy? To quote Nordic, “Nordic’s DTS™, or Dual Therapy System, is exclusive to Nordic Hot Tubs and combines high flow water movement with a circular motion, to massage parts of the body that are forgotten in competitors’ spas. The combination of high flow water and individual jet therapy DTS™ provides is the perfect balance of active and passive muscle and joint relief.”

Here’s a little more about Nordic in their own words…

Since 1995, Nordic has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs. A Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price.

The Robb Report, experts with international renown for rating premium products, named Nordic Hot Tubs one of the five best spas in the world. Easy to install, hand-crafted from the finest materials, and stylishly designed, a Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Next Steps…

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